Privacy Policy

The Islamic Institute of Toronto values your privacy and confirms to all applicable laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada. IIT will not rent or sell your personal information to third parties. The collection of your personal information is for the express purpose of managing your registration and activities as a student of the Islamic Institute of Toronto and to inform you of important information, updates, news, offers and other related information about courses and other education programs at IIT.

By registering on this site as a student you provide IIT's course instructors and admins with express permission to access your personal information for the purpose of managing your progress as a student and to create institution-wide analytics and dashboards for the purpose of evaluating, assessing and improving our services.

This Learning Management System is a software as a service from a Third Party Provider, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. IIT does not have control over the information collected by the Third Party Service Provider and holds itself indemnified from any actions by the Third party Provider that may be in non-compliance of the appropriate privacy legislation of Canada or the province of Ontario, or any other applicable legislation.

For the Third Party's complete Privacy Policy, please see